7 Facts About Bay Laurel Essential Oil

 laurus nobilis medicinal uses
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 laurus nobilis medicinal uses

Health Benefits Of Bay Essential Oil

Originally found in the Mediterranean, bay laurel leaves have long been used for cooking purposes, thanks to its distinctive properties. Bay laurel oil is extracted from its leaves and used as a pain reliever for various health conditions, including digestive problems. The herb or oil is believed to have potent properties that help treat bronchitis and flu, boost the production of digestive juices, and relieve pains associated with headaches or migraines.

Some therapists use bay laurel oil for aromatherapy, too. Most people, however, mix it with eucalyptus, coriander, juniper, ginger, rose, rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang, and thyme oils for an enhanced experience. Many commercial products have bay laurel oil as the main ingredient, particularly in toiletries, perfumes, cosmetics, men's aftershave, and solvents. As hinted earlier on, bay laurel oil (including the leaves) are used in the food industry as a spice for flavoring. Here are the health benefits of using bay laurel essential oil.

how to use bay leaf essential oil

1Stimulates Menstrual Flow

Bay laurel essential oil can help alleviate pains related to cramps during menses. This essential oil contains properties that do help turn obstructed menses to regular ones. Thus, it eases the pain and discomfort from menstrual periods.

In addition to this, this essential oil promotes secretions from endocrine and exocrine glands. This makes it easy for the body to flush out the menstrual blood and any discomfort that comes with the same. The oil is also believed to promote the production of digestive juices, hormones, enzymes, bile, and lactation as well.

how to use bay leaf essential oil

2Depression And Anxiety Treatment

While it is entirely natural for one to be anxious or depressed over something, experiencing anxiety for too long can be disruptive. Such extreme cases can affect one's physiological state, making it almost impossible to handle even the simplest of tasks. Stress and depression can also change a person's physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functions severely.

Research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health indicates that more than 19 million Americans (aged between 18 and 54) do suffer from anxiety disorders. Laurel essential oil, however, helps reduce one's stress, especially when used in aromatherapy. This makes it a handy home remedy for individuals with similar disorders. Laurel oil induces a state of mental calmness (sedative properties), hence efficient in containing anxiety and depression.

 benefits of bay laurel oil

3It Is An Efficient Stress Fighter

With life becoming more demanding over time, many people have to take more than two jobs to be able to keep up with the ever-rising needs. This almost always causes stress levels to spike, affecting one's emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functions. Such stress levels may also become too much for most individuals.

Heightened stress levels in prolonged periods affect the body's chemical stability - this can have detrimental effects on one's mental state and health. You can, however, use laurel oil to help calm the mind and maintain a steady, equilibrium state. Using the oil for aromatherapy or in your meals works just fine.

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4Rejuvenates The Body

Research also shows that bay laurel essential oil contains potent antioxidant properties, too. The antioxidative properties play a crucial role in expunging toxins from the body as well as toning the liver, intestines, kidneys, and the stomach, too. Such properties improve the body's capacity to break down foods ready for digestion and the absorption of food materials as well. The toning process goes as far as to the cellular level, which facilitates the improved secretion of hormones, enzymes, and the nervous system's well-being.

A boosted immune system is the first benefit of using this essential oil. The tonic properties of bay laurel essential oil work almost the same way as overhauling your car. An overhauled vehicle functions more efficiently - the same case applies to the human body.

 bay laurel leaf essential oil

5It's A Natural Appetizer

Many of the people living in an urban lifestyle suffer from loss of appetite. Most of these people have very little time to prepare their food and only spare a few minutes to grab a meal. This is the reason why fast food joints have become so popular. While fast foods seem like the best option, they often lead to malnutrition, among other effects. Most fast foods are purely deep-fried carbs, which means that your body doesn't get enough supply of other essential nutrients.

Laurel essential oil, however, helps induce appetite, forcing you to grab a full meal. The best thing with this herbal appetizer is that it doesn't create cravings for junk food but rather healthy foods. If you have been experiencing loss of appetite lately, it may be time you try this essential oil.

how to use bay leaf essential oil

6It's A Remedy For Flu And Fever

Fever or flu is a common condition for many people. How well your body handles flu, however, makes all the difference. Some people become weak or even bedridden due to flu and fever, while others will overcome it in no time. If your body struggles to get rid of the flu, you then should consider laurel essential oil.

The oil packs potent properties that help take care of a headache, increase body temperature, treat loss of appetite, and general weakness caused by flu. Catching the flu is not something anyone wants. Nevertheless, ensuring that your body is capable of handling the flu can lessen the time you have to battle with it.

 laurus nobilis medicinal uses

7It's A Potent Source Of Vitamin A

Bay laurel is from the same tree where bay leaves are derived for cooking. While bay laurel leaves are considered safe, the extracted oil should be used sparingly to avoid side effects. Your body needs vitamins for healthy cells and optimal organ performance; vitamins also play a critical role in eliminating toxins and harmful compounds from deep within body cells.

The human body is, however, incapable of producing vitamins. Hence, it gets its supply from the foods you eat. Although most people often go for vitamin supplements, natural food sources are the best sources.

 laurus nobilis medicinal uses

Vitamin A, for instance, is essential for vision, hair, and skin health. This powerful antioxidant fights various types of cancer, which makes it a vital ingredient in your meals. In addition to getting a fresh supply of vitamin A from fruits and veggies, bay laurel essential oil can be used to supplement the recommended daily allowance. Research shows that bay laurel oil contains more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A.

You can also use dried laurel leaves to season sauces, soups, pickles, and stews. You could also add thyme to the mix for better results. Bay laurel oil can also be used for medicinal purposes. However, a licensed herbalist should be the one to administer this for you.

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