5 Great Uses Of Bay Laurel Essential Oil

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Different Uses Of Bay Essential Oil

The Caribbean Islands may be the native home of the bay tree, but by now, it's spread to many other parts of the world. The bay leaf tree has been known through much of human history; in the Middle Ages, you could often find one planted in front of a house for protection. Bay laurel was also quite significant to the cultures and medicines of ancient Rome and Greece.

Bay laurel is found throughout the Eastern Mediterranean as well as along the east coast of the Black Sea. It's also been cultivated for quite some time, centuries in fact, throughout the area. Due to this, today, you can find bay laurel in southern and western Europe, even as far north as England.

 laurus nobilis medicinal uses

1Protects Cuts And Wounds

No wound, no matter how mild, should be ignored completely. This is especially true for wounds caused by rusty or dirty objects; they can quickly become septic or contract tetanus. Considering these medical issues and the fact that protecting yourself from these issues is as easy as using the antiseptic properties of this oil, you'll want to treat any wound right away.

Bay laurel essential oil can help you treat those cuts and wounds. Plain and simple, its antiseptic properties are amazing. It's an all-natural way to clean and sanitize wounds.

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2Maintains Stomach Health

It's often said that the root of health lies in the stomach. This is because it's where many illnesses and other health problems begin to grow. Any time the stomach malfunctions, there's a good chance of something else going wrong.

If your stomach is functioning properly, then you have nothing to worry about. And that, in a nutshell, is what bay essential oil can do. It can keep your stomach from turning itself upside down, keeping it stable and free of infections.

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3Prevents Hair Loss

You can also look forward to hair loss prevention, thanks to West Indies' bay tree essential oil. The oil works on the skin and muscle tissues to force them to contract. Once this is done, the oil is trapped inside the follicle, where it helps strengthen both the skin and hair root. Due to this astringent property, bay tree oil can also help prevent bleeding by making the blood vessels contract.

Treatment for hair loss can cost quite a bit. Bay laurel essential oil not only saves money, but it's also all-natural. This helps you both in saving money and combating hair loss naturally.

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4Regulates Menses And Eases Pain

Bay laurel essential oil can help break up any blockages that cause menses to become obstructed. It can help ease the pain as well as issues such as morning sickness, thanks to its stomach-calming properties. If you suffer from painful cramps, this essential oil can really help cause the symptoms to ease up.

A major reason for this is due to the way bay essential oil can promote glandular secretion. Since it causes glands to release hormones more readily, it helps encourage lactation, digestion, and menstruation (or at least make it easier!) and keep your uterus from contracting rapidly. It's an all-natural way to help fight menstrual pain.

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5Combats Free Radicals

Every other commercial on television talks about antioxidants. Every health expert worth listening to encourages a diet high in antioxidants. Well, bay laurel essential oil has all the antioxidant properties you could want.

The chemical compounds that make up sweet bay laurel are the specific antioxidants. As your body breaks up the compounds, they create new compounds by latching on to oxygen molecules. This helps get rid of the free radicals, thus reducing the risk of cancer. And of course, this means that bay leaves contain a few anti-aging properties.

 laurus nobilis medicinal uses

You can find bay trees thriving in warm, coastal climates. However, it's not particularly difficult to grow bay laurel in a greenhouse or a home garden. It's hearty enough to grow in most soil types, and as long as you live in a climate where it's warm in the summer, then it can live outdoors for at least a part of the year!

You can expect to see fragrant flowers sitting in the leaf axils, which will be colored yellow-white and shaped like stars. Male and female flowers are separately located on different plants. Seeds are covered by a small berry. The berry has a black-blue color, and the flavor is quite sharp.

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  • how to use bay leaf essential oil
  • how to use bay leaf essential oil
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