8 Bay Laurel Essential Oil Benefits

how to use bay leaf essential oil
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Top Benefits Of Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Bay essential oils have been in use for a long time and possess many healing properties. It is one of the commonly found ingredients in most of the skin and hair products in the market today. The camphorous and spicy notes blend perfectly to produce sweet, soft, floral and fruity aromas.

In the earlier days, bay leaf tree (the laurel) was always planted in front of a house to provide protection and guarantee success. Symbolically it represents victory and always triggers memories of ancient Romans and Olympic athletes who always wear the wreath as a crown. The aroma relieves any anxiety especially after unpleasant events, reduces despondency or depression and helps you cope with pain, grief or loss.

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1Provides Pain Relief

Neuralgia, a pain condition, leaves the oral zone (throat, tonsils, ears, base of the nose, pharynx, larynx) and all the surrounding areas in severe pain. The condition is caused by the compression of the 9th cranial nerve or the glossopharyngeal by the surrounding blood vessels because of swelling when stimulated or excited from eating, chewing, shouting, laughing and any other movement in the same region. The bay essential oil has astringent and analgesic properties that provide relief from neuralgia.

The analgesic properties reduce the pain in the affected area. The astringent properties encourage contraction of the blood vessels, relieving any pressure on the cranial nerve and providing relief from pain. Therefore, using the essential oil will provide utmost relief from the pain symptoms associated with neuralgia.

how to use bay leaf essential oil

2Reducing Fever Symptoms

Fever can be triggered by various underlying conditions such as malaria, pneumonia or any other infection in the body. You're likely to experience symptoms such as headache, irritation, fluctuation of body temperature, loss of appetite or weakness. In some cases, fever is also referred to as cold or flu.

The normal body temperature is between 95 and 98 degrees. Therefore, when it increases, you're experiencing fever. Bay essential oil is a good home remedy for treating fever without the need for medication.

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3Contains Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients that reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Studies have revealed that vitamin B12 reduces the homocysteine content in the body. It is a naturally occurring chemical found in the body and is associated with Alzheimer's disease but vitamin B12 is essential in reducing the overall content of the chemical in the body.

The nutrient is found in bay leaves and regulates the function of body organs and nerves as well as hormone production. You can also take fresh or dried leaves in your diet to regulate your metabolism if you're suffering from diabetes and also reduce the blood sugar levels. The essential oil contains vitamin B12 which works as a good supplement to your diet.

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4Induces And Promotes Perspiration

It promotes perspiration. Bay essential oil will guarantee the removal of toxins, water, excess salt and fat through sweat. It's one of the ways to make the body lighter.

Therefore, the body is completely protected from any ailments caused by accumulation of toxins, water and salt. The body's temperature also reduces considerably because of the perspiration, especially if you're experiencing fever symptoms. Bay laurel essential oil is one of the natural treatment options for any of these health issues.

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5Treats And Prevents Depression

A common mood disorder, depression affects millions of people in the world. It is an illness that affects your life, mood, body and thoughts. In most cases, depression often goes untreated because most people ignore the symptoms. There are many factors that are linked to the causes of depression. These include environmental, biological, hereditary, significant life events such as illnesses, loss of a job or a loved one.

Sometimes, depression might be triggered by drug abuse, childbirth, hormonal fluctuations, alcohol abuse and medications. The biological causes of the condition are attributed to fluctuations in neurotransmitters (chemical messengers found in the brain), but there's much more to be learned about biochemical causes of depression. Bay laurel essential oil is one of the natural and effective ways of treating depression.

how to use bay leaf essential oil

6Inhibits Biotic Growth

The essential oil is renowned for the antibiotic properties. Therefore, it prevents the growth of any biotic elements in the body such as bacteria, fungi or microbes in the body as well as safeguarding your body against infections. There are a few advantages of using the essential oil as an antibiotic. It is safe and has no side effects (unless in heavy dosage), unlike other antibiotic medications in the market that affect the heart, liver, heart and other internal organs in the body.

The essential oils stimulate the immune system, metabolism, hemodynamics and also reduce anemic symptoms. It boosts the function of the digestive system as well as eliminating heaviness after eating. It also reduces inflammation and pain from conditions such as arthritis, flat feet, and scoliosis. The bay essential oil also removes any pain symptoms from neuralgia.

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7Prevents The Growth Of Bacteria

Don't ignore wounds, whether or not they look mild, especially if they are caused by iron objects (rusty or not) or dirty objects. Open wounds are prone to tetanus or sepsis resulting in severe convulsions, breathing difficulties, cramps, hydrophobia, insanity and many more symptoms.

The antiseptic feature of the essential oil protects wounds from infections and prevents the growth of bacteria thus reducing any pain symptoms. You should use bay laurel essential oil to treat cuts and wounds. It has antiseptic property which makes it a natural element of cleaning wounds.

 benefits of bay laurel oil

8Prevents Wound Infections

Wounds often become septic, especially if they are caused by rusty or iron objects. If left untreated you're likely to develop sepsis and tetanus with symptoms such as pain, breathing difficulty, insanity, convulsions, cramps and much more. Bay essential oils prevent wounds from becoming infectious by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and also promote faster healing.

The essential oil has antibiotic properties that are useful in the prevention of bacteria growth, fungi or microbes. Therefore, your wound is completely protected from infections and will start healing immediately. The essential oil is completely safe to use on any open wound and has no side effect.

The bay tree comes from the Caribbean islands and has spread to the rest of the world. It can trace origins as far back as Greece and Ancient Rome because it was present in their religion, culture and medication. In the middle ages, the tree had a superstitious element where it was used to promote success and guarantee protection.

The essential oil is extracted by distillation of the fresh bay leaves (Laurus Nobilis) through steaming. The essential oil contains ingredients such as alpha-terpineol, alpha-pinene, chavicol, limonene, neral, methyl chavicol, beta pinene, geranyl acetate, myrcene and eugenol. Besides the health benefits mentioned above, the bay essential oil has been used for many purposes.

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